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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Education

HPE Education

The HPE Education Services program is a world-class certification program benchmarked around the world to ensure validation of the technical and sales competencies with the expertise needed to plan, deploy, support and service HP technology and solutions. Nobody knows HP products and technologies better than HP, with experienced consultants, IT developers and instructors HP Education Services delivers quality global training services.

• Python

• Machine Learning

• Big Data - Analytics

• Artificial Intelligence

• Internet Of Things (IOT)

• Android Application Development

• Big Data - Programming & Development

• Data Science (Programming & Analytics)

• Linux and PHP

• JAVA with Android

• Robotics

• Core JAVA with J2EE Struts

• Core JAVA with J2EE Spring

• C - Programming with Data Structure

• VLSI, VHDL & PCB Design

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